Boxing consultation/Analysis
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Boxing consultation/Analysis

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Engage in one-on-one consultations with an experienced, active, and highly knowledgable boxer. Get tailored advice to improve your technique through deep analysis and professional advice. Gain access to expert knowledge and fast track your boxing journey.

Who is this service for:

Beginners looking to get ahead of everyone else.

Intermediate boxers that want to learn how to take their boxing to the next level.

Elite boxers that want to outperform boxers of elite level.


Why choose this service:

Expertise & experience - With over a decade of dedicated experience in the boxing realm, I bring a wealth of expertise to my consulting services. Having fought for numerous titles and faced highly experienced opponents, my journey in the ring has honed my understanding of the intricacies of boxing at both the technical and strategic levels. Beyond my extensive practical experience, my qualifications include being a Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Level 4 Personal Trainer, Level 5 Diploma in PE & Sport, and possessing certifications in Level 2 Pad-work and Level 4 Strength & Conditioning. These qualifications not only reflect my commitment to continuous learning and improvement but also underscore my comprehensive knowledge of fitness training, skill development, and strength conditioning—all of which uniquely contribute to the effectiveness of my consulting services.

Client Success - During my trial period of providing my followers with advice on how they can improve and giving advice to their specific problems and weaknesses, my consulting services boast a proven track record of success through client testimonials. From elevating boxing performance to achieving fitness goals, these stories highlight the tangible impact and value of my solutions. These endorsements underscore both the outcomes achieved and the quality of the collaborative consulting experience I provide.

Customised Solutions - My consulting services stand out due to a commitment to tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. By deeply understanding the individual challenges and goals, I craft personalised strategies that go beyond one-size-fits-all approaches. This dedication ensures that clients receive targeted and effective guidance specific to their circumstances, fostering optimal results.

Innovative Approaches - Setting my consulting services apart is a dedication to innovation within the boxing and fitness realm. I bring cutting-edge methodologies, creative training techniques, and a forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. By incorporating the latest industry trends and leveraging innovative tools, I ensure that clients benefit from fresh and effective strategies that stand out in a competitive landscape.